Anderson Marsh Interpretive Association Partners with the State Parks Department
to keep Anderson Marsh State Historic Park Open

Anderson Marsh State Historic Park was one of the 70 California State Parks that was scheduled to be closed to the public on July 1, 2011.

All donations to the Anderson Marsh Interpretive Association (AMIA) will help AMIA meet its financial obligations under the Partnership Agreement with the State that will insure that Anderson Marsh State Historic Park remains open until at least 2016, and its priceless cultural, historic and natural resources protected.

AMIA memberships and fundraising also support AMIA’s interpretive programs, including restoration and continuing maintenance of the 19th century ranch house and ranch complex, creation of Native American interpretive exhibits, trail development, cultural and natural resource preservation and guided nature walks, ranch house tours and school and senior field trips.

AMIA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) public charitable association cooperating with the State of California Department of Parks and Recreation. It was formed in 1984, after the State of California acquired the park in 1982. Through the years, AMIA has worked to protect the special and unique place we call Anderson Marsh and to share its beauty and its cultural and historic significance with the many people who visit the Park each year.”

Please help AMIA raise the money it needs to fund the Partnership Agreement and keep its programs going. Consider making a monthly reccurring gift that will be both affordable and help AMIA to keep the Park strong and thriving.

You can help AMIA raise the money necessary to fund this Partnership Agreement by making a donation or becoming an AMIA member.

All donations will help AMIA with its interpretive and restoration work and are tax-deductible (Tax I.D. number 68-0050224).

For more information please call 707.995.2658 or email