The annual Old Time Bluegrass Festival was held 2006 through 2011 as a benefit for the Anderson Marsh Interpretive Association (AMIA).

With much work still needing to be done to insure that the Park remains open and that needed deferred maintenance is performed to insure that the Park remained safe and accessible to the public, the AMIA Board regretfully made the decision to cancel upcoming Bluegrass Festivals in favor of smaller fundraisers that will allow AMIA volunteers to concentrate on the important work of partnering with the State Parks Department to insure that the Park remains protected, safe and open to the public.

AMIA greatly enjoyed bringing the Festival to the local community and knows that many folks were disappointed in this decision. It is possible that as the situation at the Park is stabilized, AMIA will bring back the Festival.

To help AMIA in its efforts to keep Anderson Marsh State Historic Park open and accessible to the public, please consider joining AMIA or making a donation.